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Interactive vs Enhanced eBook


The confidence and competence to use two systems

Recognizing that no single system exists today which will satisfy the needs of every school, teacher or learner, in every situation, we have combined two of the top digital publishing platforms into one, educational package. For those that ask about ePub, please remember that ePub was developed for plain text ebooks, and not with education in mind. The ePub platform is improving, but it is still generations away from being able to provide all features needed for education, particularly with regards to test scores and tracking of results.

ALL of our books are capable of interactive features. A "basic book" to us means that it can easily incorporate audio, video, search, notes, and testing.

Choosing one type over the other is done by the publisher/author, with consideration towards the type of book, and the best possible experience for the user. If the book has many on-page exercises, such as gap-fill (ie. a grammar or listening book), then an Enhanced eBook best serves that need. If it is a teacher's reference book with no scorable quizzes, yet it is preferable to be able to hilight words and use a Pen Tool, then an Interactive eBook is the best option.  We are unique in that we don't try to pidgeon-hole the user to one type or the other. 

Dealing with education requires a focus on what is important to attending to the needs of students, and also what is important for teachers. We are only interested in the features necessary to achieve these needs, and understand that some students are online, some are off. Whatever the situation, whatever the need, we have a solution.


Interactive eBook

An Interactive eBook is distinguishable by the toolbar on the left. The major benefit of using an Interactive eBook is the ease in use, and the seamless integration with mobile devices. There is no desktop version at this time.

Beyond the ability to incorporate interactivity such as audio, video, quizzes and so on, these books also have the following features:

Pen tool
Write on the page, or use as a highlighter
Bookmark pages and areas of interest to easily return to
Take notes or write commentary
Quickly and easily navigate to important areas of the book
Search the book, or a linked dictionary, if one has been linked to the book
BOP Toolbar

Enhanced eBook

An Enhanced eBook uses as different toolbar, depending on the device used, incorporating the functionality of the PC/Mac, or browser. This type also uses a keycode to lock and protect the content. There is a desktop version, plus there are more options for "truly offline" use. That is, you do not need to be online to get an Enhanced eBook, opening up a greater variety of uses. 
Tracking of scores and analytics are also enhanced, with the availability of returning scores into any LMS (which is capable of accepting scores from outside sources). 

Beyond the ability to incorporate interactivity such as audio, video, quizzes and so on, these books also have the following features:

On the page, or floating over the page
Two ways of doing audio... with and without a player & controls
Testing & Tracking
One of the main features. On-page and over-page testing and scoring. Scores can be tracked back to an instructor, administrator or district via an LMS or LRS (yours or ours). Analytics from any of the books we do. Tracking of scores can even be online or offline!
Protection of Content
No copy/paste of text, meaning greater control of that content
Search & Notes
Simple search and Notes features, which is all that is needed

About Us

Piron Pub produces digital books and provides publishers, authors, and content creators alike the opportunity to take the materials they have created, and deliver them to a global audience, in an interactive, digital form. Depending on the need, we can add audio, video, and testing/tracking to enhance the book, and contribute to the learning experience. We come from a teaching background, ensuring that educational, teacher and student needs are attended to and maintained.  Speed to market, pricing and scalability are primary movers for us. We also offer an LMS to tie everything together!

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